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Here I strive to Accomplish 3 Things.

1. Highlight that which is Black Excellence
2. Explore and Resist the Institutional Oppression of this World
3. Celebrate the Black Culture in its many Manifestations.

Joshua. 20. Howard University.

I Am And Forever Shall be a Servant of the Most High God

Question Me. Upack Me. Get Into My Mind.

Stay Classy. Stay Black. Stay Positive.

You put up with my craziness, my insane schedule, my narcolepsy, and my mood swings.
You speak to the King in me, you make me realize my true potential. It is a blessing to be loved by you and for this and so much more I am eternally grateful.


Click here to watch Jon Stewart and Jessica Williams discuss the Michael Dunn verdict on last night’s Daily Show.

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OutKast | Ms. Jackson

yeah this one right here goes out to all the baby’s mamas, mamas… mamas, mamas, baby mamas, mamas

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Girlfriends was the show




White privilege is your history being taught as a core class and mine being taught as an elective. 

please let them know.


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hair game is outta control.

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"I’m not used to being wanted."
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Look at god

im so stressed rn! MY GOD!


Before the Brazil World Cup it is needed to clean up the area.
Today, Jan 9th 2014, people of a slum are expelled under police brutality.
All the efforts to build a subway line.
Nobody cares about them.
Where do they go?
They are not our problem, answer the government.

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☞Inside the Private Prison Industry's Alarming Spread Across America☜

Happily putting little black and brown boys in cells, one billion at a time. 

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Black Star, Live In Paris (2014)

I really need to see them live before I die.


unruly niggas aint the problem


I did not attend DND. I don’t drink and I don’t like drunk people.

I also don’t own any thotwear. I am also very unfriendly.

Drunk people don’t appreciate my humor.

But um. 

The issue is way bigger than some invisible flowers being uprooted. 

Gentrification is not new. City planning began 100 years ago. Y’ll niggas just gettin’ hip. 

There is no longer a “man” holding us down. Oppression is so beautifully weaved into our social construct that niggas hold themselves down. 

DND was an amazing plus for the other team. Howard has been slipping from between our fingers since the blacklash of the 1989 student protest. DND gives the “gentrifiers” a face to their anti-Howard agenda. I am not displeased with the actions of my peers. They acted like the college kids they are, like the college kids old folks forgot they were and like the college kids white kids are, but don’t get punished for being. I’ve heard a few stories but all in all, based on the occasion DND was pretty safe. I didn’t hear about any violence or abuse, things that are even more common among our less tan peers. 

However, Howard is under a microscope as DC’s gentrification development nears it’s acme. Unlike most HBCUs Howard does not have the loving hands of grandma nem to catch us when we fall. We are not tucked away into the country side, we are on prime real estate in the middle of our nations capitol. Chocolate city was chocolate because the help had to live close to the city. We run DC. We built and maintain this city, but as the tides change so does our purpose and position. Us livin in the city ain’t profitable no mo, the city got nice and not for us.

So when you hear folks talkin’ bout Howard students showed they ass in that park, look at those photos, look at the dialogue between all corespondents. Reflect on how you would act if you were young, black and sexy. 

Errbody just mad they wasn’t invited. 

My baby sis is spending a little time at the Mecca this week! Showing her the life of a College Student, Servant Leader, and Worker. (Hopefully she’ll decide to come in a few years) (at Howard University)
So proud to have this Woman of God succeed me as Parliamentarian of the Howard University Community Choir! I know she is going to continue to raise a standard of excellence and leadership for this choir. Seek God Alexis and he shall direct your path. #MyProtege #TaughtHerTheWayOfTheTapOut (at Blackburn Center)