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Thoughts on Negritude and Black Revolutions

The black man as an individual has been the most complex being in all of intellectual history, his nature, his actions have been critically scrutinized by the likes of DuBois, Fanon, Jefferson, Cèsaire, and still there doesn’t seem to be a consensus as to his being. The concept of the black man itself has lent itself to the analysis of many a Black Intellectual. As previously argued a black man has one unique characteristic about himself that distinguishes him from all other tones of men, his negritude. The innateness of it is imbedded in his very blood, it is his foundation from which he draws autonomy in a world, which denies it, as Cèsaire put it, “my negritude … takes root in the red flesh of the soil…” .Negritude is a sustaining factor in the life of the black man, however for the purposes of this analysis, negritude is something much different. In the Caribbean and elsewhere in the sphere of Pan-African intellectualism, negritudeis the black catalyst of a Black Revolution, which in its functions as a revolution is a methodical process by which decolonization is achieved.


Now, that we have properly established negritude, and framed a Black Revolution as a sort of decolonization let us move into a deeper analysis of this concept. A black revolution is a violent process, it can not and will not be peaceful, for a revolution fundamentally reorganizes and re-stratifies the society. It does so to the point where revolution should be called, Ressentiment Revolution, because it, in its primary function, reorganizes and revamps the power hold the establishment has over the people; which is to say that revolution completely reverses the moral, economic, and political systems of that society.  

Now, if that is revolution, a Black Revolution, fueled with negritude is one which turns society around and allows for the regression of said people into their cultural normality or as Malinowski, quoted by Irele, states, a ‘recrossing of the line’. A Black Revolution allows for blacks the opportunity to be the people they originally where, unassimilated, unbroken, un-eradicated, they will no longer be “a town sprawled-flat”. They can return to their original religions, music, and sentiments, which was previously not allowed. This all goes toward the goal of the re-creation of autonomy. 


All revolution is violent regardless of if it is successful or not. For revolution is for black people autonomy, whether it is the liberation of body, of the mouth, or of the mind. Whether sucessful or not it is always violent […] A Black Catalyst is negritude, which is pride, which is unity, which is natural, which is infinite which is yes. It is Black Power, it is the cause of discomfort that brings about the need for change. A Black Revolution is just a movement towards achieving this more completely. It is being a black man, and why he is so complex.

Excerpted from “A Black Revolution: Evaluating the idea of a Black Revolution with the presence of a Black Catalyst in the Caribbean.” Composed in January 2011 

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